Guerrilla Trekking in Nepal: Revolutionary Tourist Destination

Manojit Ghosh

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Date of Publication: Nov 9 , 2012Vol-01 Issue-01

Nepal has unveiled its new trekking trail for the trekking lovers. With the sole purpose of promoting "War Tourism", TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) and some local organizations have mutually unveiled the Guerrilla Trek. The journey through this officially unveiled trekking trail will cover areas that were used by the Maoists as their main operating hub during the armed rebellion that started in the year 1996 and ended in 2006.

Guerrilla Trekking in Nepal

This newly developed trail begins from Myagdi in the Dhaulgiri zone of western Nepal passing through the areas of Rolpa and Rukum located in the far-western districts, the central hub of the Maoists revolt.

The revolt that the Maoists started in Nepal killing more than 16, 000 people ended in the year 2006. It was then only when these Maoists signed a peace agreement with the government. They begin their journey in the world of mainstream politics in the year 2008 with the help of constituent assembly elections and luckily, they were elected as the largest party in the parliament.

This newly developed trekking trail was launched along with a map and guide book that will help the travelers have an idea of the trip. The trek will remind you of the great revolutionary history of Nepal.

The route covers a post-conflict zone that will figure out the recent history of Nepal. During that period, the Rukum and Rolpa districts were the strongholds of Maoists. Those areas were used by them with the purpose of recruiting cadres and they used to train them as some of the crucial battles between the guerrillas and the government forces took place in those areas.

The trek is actually divided into three different routes overlapping one another. The routes cover the west and far- western traversing steep terrain crossing the beautiful valleys and wonderful ridges.

Guerrilla Trekking

It was in March 2004 when some 200 people were dead because of some overnight clashes between the Maoists and the Beni police post, one of the locations near about the trail. It was reported that some 500 rebels were killed in that particular battle and many of them were wounded. The research, monitoring and planning director of Nepal tourism board said that the unique concept of guerilla trek came out because their team was looking out for some new avenues for the tourism.

The trail is historically termed as guerilla because this term was used by the Maoists. The term guerilla refers to something strong and aggressive. Alonzo Lyons, the author of the book written on trail said that he thought of replacing the name by "Shangrila Trek" but finally it was not happened.

nepal trekking

A Nepali researcher said that this trek will benefit people belonging to lower communities from which majority of guerillas were recruited at the beginning stage of the war. Not only that, this trek also holds historical significance for the next generation. The planning director of Nepal tourism Board also said that tourism will definitely improve the economic condition of low level people and our government is fully committed to lift up the lifestyle of such people.

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