Ahiran Bill Bird Sanctuary

Krishnendu Palit

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Date of Publication: Oct 13 , 2012Vol-01 Issue-01

For some work I went to Murshidabad. There I came to know about a new place for bird's lover. It is a proposed bird's sanctuary called Ahiran Bill. Being a nature lover my mind wish to go there. After collecting some information about the place I reached Ahiran Bill next afternoon.

As far my eyes can see there were thousands of birds on the lake. It seems Ahiran Billto thousands of diamonds in front of me. I can't keep myself quite. I take out my camera in no time and just going into the water. At that time a security person in khaki came and stops me. He wants to see my permit for going to water of the lake. As we don't have any permit he advised us to take permit first then only he can allow us in the lake. He shows us the notice board where they mentioned that please don't disturb the birds. Then we came to know from him where the office is and how we can get the permit. It was Miapur, Ragunathganj, near Jangipur Road station.

Next day just at 10 A.M. we reached at the above office for the permit. It was 31st Decembe . We don't have to face any problem to find the office but the problem was anything else. The office was so small; there was only one D grade person in it. The officer was going to Krisnanagar for some official works he will came back on 2nd January with his salary. Now what?

Ahiran Bill

We collect his phone number from the office itself. The officer was so kind hearted man. He listen our problem very carefully then give us permit over telephone. He not only gives us the permission but also inform us so many things about the lake.

The lake is near about 65 Accor in 41.38 is government property and least is personal property. Every year near about 8000 thousand birds came here in winter. 17 to 18 types of birds came here every year in which Red-crested Pochard, Ferruginous Pochard, Lesser whistling Duck, Gadwall, Garganey, Common Moorhen, Purple Moorhen, Grey-headed lapwing are famous.

I don't know birds even don't know their name but being a nature lover I always have interest to find new place of natural beauty. Ahiran Bill is completely a virgin spot and unknown to traveler. Even there is not a single line written in any travel magazine about that place.

Within one hour after getting the permission we reached at Ahiran Bill. Again we were stopped by the security person. His name was Mr. Dipak Adhikary. We were pleased to find his honesty towards his duty and love for the birds. For his assurance we have to call the officer, Mr. Kashinath again. Then Mr. Dipak allows us to go to the lake.

Ahiran Bill
Ahiran Bill
Ahiran Bill

There were only three small boats out of which two were under repairing. Some children were playing surrounding the boats. We go to boat and ask the children about the sailor of the boat. Two boys rush towards the Maji's house to give him the news that he has some passenger waiting for him. At that time some people gather around us, some passersby also join them. The people ask me several questions - will the place develop? Are there any opportunities of job? What the government will do with the lake? Will government buy the lands surrounding the lake?

Ahiran Bill

I am not a government personal neither a reporter. I am just a nature lover, a traveler. I have some interest in new place for tourism. I get immense pleasure in discovering of new destiny for the nature lover. Some time I wrote some story in travel magazine. I will also write about Ahiran Bill. People can know about the bird sanctuary, they will come here. There will be a new tourist spot called Ahiran Bill.

Local people will get job they will earn money. The forest department is trying their heart and soul to make this happen. The lake will be handed over to forest department form government. After going through some legal process the lake will be taken by the forest department. Local people are happy with this.

Ahiran Bill

At that time sailor, Mamlode Sekh came to take us on the ride for the entire day for just hundred rupees. Mamlode start his boat with both of us. This boating continued till the sunset. We spent the beautiful time by seeing birds and knowing them through Mamlode's eye. I had already mentioned that I don't know birds and their names. I came here only to know a new place of tourist interest. From Mamlode we came to know about the birds local name only .Different birds have different names at different places. I am taking the responsibility to make aware the readers about the birds and their names through my camera. After watching the photos reader can identify the birds. I should try to concentrate myself only on photography.

Slowly the sun is going to say good bye for the day. The cow boys are coming back to home with their cows. It looks like a painting on canvas through the mist. Slowly the water of the lake changes its color. The surrounding fields of the lake look pinkish with the rays of the sun. The number of birds is on the lake also decreasing. Mamlode mentioned you can't find a single bird at night on the lake. They all will go to the fields for search of food. These birds eat corns, insects along with fish. They will come back at morning.

Sun says goodbye to all the villages and vanishes for the day. Cold wind starts blowing. Like the birds we are also stranger to the place, we have to go back home. What we achieve for the entire day? Spending a day on a beautiful lake with the company of thousands of bird, a memorable scenario of sun setting, a comfortable journey by boat and also watching thousands of known and unknown bird. All these memory will give me pleasure in my future leisure time.

Ahiran bil
Ahiran bil

How to reach there:

Option 1: From Kolkata take a bus towards Baharampur to reach Omorpur Bus stop. Then reach Ahiranbil by 15 minutes from Omorpur by local bus.

Option 2: Reach Jongipur rly. Stn. By train (Tista torsha Exp., Kanchenkanya Exp. from Kolkata). Then by local bus or train reach Arihanbil by 15 min.

Staying: Various hotels and lodges are available there. (E.g. Hotel Royal, Sanai Lodge)

Best Season: Winter

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