Dream Wanderlust is a travel and trekking web portal that publishes feature articles, documentaries, videos and photographs related to trekking and mountaineering activities undertaken either by the group or its mentors. Other than that it also features blogs, short travel documentaries, related videos and photographs submitted by individuals to the group.

The Activities of Dream Wanderlust includes the following:

Trekking and Hiking

The recent trek activities of Team Wanderlust included many difficult and unpredictable regions of the Himalayas, the impenetrable Dooars and Sunderban, and the pristine lagoon of Chilika in the Bay of Bengal.

Some of the recent treks are -

Trek around Mt. Dhaulagiri
Pin Parvati Pass
Goecha La through Singhalila Ridge
Way through Singalila Pass
Varsey-Maenam Trek
Sandakphu Revisited
Sandakphu Trek

Bird Watching and Wildlife

Some of the members of the team ventured to some local regions and the bird sanctuaries and forests in India such as the Sunderbans, Chilika, Dooars etc. to watch Birds and Wildlife activities.

Find some birds snaps here - Stray Feathers

Green movement and awareness program

The team ventured to different banks of the Holy Ganges to plant trees on the abandoned lands, river banks etc. It campaigned to save the Nature in rural villages directly or through social and other media.

Recently, Dream Wanderlust has officially announced a three years Afforestation Program covering the entire bank of the River Ganga, the holiest and longest river in India that flows from Hraidwar to Gangasagar where its meets the Bay of Bengal.

Green Campaign Phase 5
Green Campaign Phase 4
Green Campaign Phase 3
Green Campaign Phase 2
Green Campaign Phase 1

Nature photography

The team loves to capture the beauty of the nature, wildlife etc. through the art of photography. The Wander Snap page features some extraordinary and informative travel photographs that are helpful for all enthusiastic trekkers.

Find some nature photography here - Rainy Days, Beautiful Flowers, Rural Beauty, The World of Macro, Eye catching Butterflies

Exploration of Relatively Uncommon Tourist Destination

Dream Wanderlust loves to explore unknown and uncommon places of India and have already visited some extremely remote and rural locations in the plains of Bengal and Odisha and many parts of Himalayas to document their culture, lifestyle, economy, and living condition to promote tourist interest in rural India, generate awareness and thus improve their living condition as well and also to explore the new possibilities of Eco friendly tourism.

Here are some of our visited tourist destinations - Bhalopahar, Jibanpur